Telecharger battlefield heroes pour mac

This will install the game which will take a while to complete.

Meanwhile follow these instructions for creating an account. After creating account login with your account in the launcher and start the fun! Because its a community server the server is sometimes down.

In that case tray again later again. Game description: In addition, the game matched players of similar levels together for fairer play. Go to the Porting Kit game page for more info up here….

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The free Portingkit is the main application of paulthetall. For all the Windows Steam games you own try use one of the 8 Steam Wrapper builds available in the Portingkit.

Free, fun and fantastic multiplayer FPS

No guarantees that all games work. They bettter not take any of the guys who made BF2 the gem taht it is. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. So there is no BF3?

Battlefield Heroes for Mac

HostileEffect Follow Forum Posts: Its also funded by "microtransactions" aka nickle and dime the users TeamR Follow Forum Posts: StephenHu Follow Forum Posts: Ps2stony Follow Forum Posts: I know that. But ty for lettin me know about release date.


I bet EA already has it in Beta or something, they're just dirty bastards.