Refit dual boot mac ubuntu

Apparently it is not uncommon or at least not impossible to have such a system, but I'm currently having a hard time with the details.

Note on encrypted disks/partitions

Do I have to change partitions or details thereof , and if so, which tool on what OS is good enough for that job? This in turn would eliminate any concerns about primary vs. Note that your GParted screen shot shows five partitions, none of which is extended or logical. If so, you'll need to preserve the hybrid MBR; however, you can modify it so that only Windows partitions are "hybridized"; there's no need for either OS X or Linux partitions to reside in the hybrid MBR.

My page on hybrid MBRs, referenced above, describes how to do this; however, I strongly advise you to not muck with this until you fully understand it.


The risk of badly damaging your disk should not be understated! Whatever you do, keeping Linux booting may require additional changes. If this works, you can install rEFInd to your hard disk, and then either:. Absent other information, I'd try the EFI-mode Windows install first; however, it's worth trying to discover if this is the best approach for a bit Mac.

  • Install rEFInd.
  • 1. Download Ubuntu.
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  • 2. Create Your Ubuntu Installation Drive.

Note that the fact that you're presumably running a bit computer is a critical detail; advice from a bit perspective may not be applicable in your case. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Avoid long EFI wait before GRUB

Given that the current state is like this screenshot of GParted , and Windows will certainly again complain that there are already four primary partitions when I'll just try again to install it in the unassigned free space: What can I do now to finally have a "triple-boot" system? SomeDev SomeDev 46 2 6. It's critical that you understand a few preliminary points: Although it still works, you may want to consider switching to rEFInd, which is my fork of rEFIt that's still being maintained.

In both cases, the EFI boot loaders are bit, which is unusual and limits your options in some cases.

Dual boot Ubuntu MATE and Mac WITHOUT using rEFIt or rEFInd - Ask Ubuntu

There might be a shortcut, though. You likely need to install additional drivers and software specifically for your Mac model. The best advice is to search out appropriate drivers and software changes for your hardware in particular. Unfortunately I think I have bad news. It sounds very much like you erased the entire hard drive and formatted the whole thing for Ubuntu. If so, that means that all your Mac data is gone.

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  8. I would stop using the computer immediately to avoid overwriting any recoverable files and use a different computer to research the best Linux-based tool for recovering files from a formatted hard drive. This is as complicated as everything above, and the link you provided assumes people are used to working with Terminal.

    Could you please update this tutorial? Regarding boot order, there are a number of varying and mutually exclusive situations that can occur after installation, and capturing them all within the context of this tutorial was too broad a topic and would have lead to a fairly confusing conclusion. The linked resource is the clearest, most effective explanation I could find and will certainly provide guidance. I need to select the port, but i dont know what to do. The main issue here would be a battle for bootloader supremacy between Basecamp and rEFInd, which can lead to a bad situation, sometimes preventing your Mac from properly booting at all.

    Partition Your Mac

    Mixing and matching basecamp and rEFInd is difficult, and you might encounter some wonky booting bugs. What is preventing you from creating a partition on your hard drive? The whole purpose of creating the partition is really to make a separate chunk of the disk in macOS rather than the Ubuntu installer. Regardless of whether you create the space for the Ubuntu installation in Disk Utility or in the Ubuntu installer itself, make sure to exercise necessary caution.

    I would even recommend booting into the clone once to make sure it can save you in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your tutorial! I had troubles just in the end. While loading the USB, the operative system loads because I hear a sound, but the screen is black.

    The rEFIt Project

    Any suggestion? Thank you in advance. This reminds me of something: I have the same issue as Giovanni above. Any ideas would be great. Make sure you followed all the instructions above about creating the boot disk with Etcher. That process is crucially important. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic! Check out our comment policy here.

    How to get Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux) on Mac OS X / macOS (Dual Boot)

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