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TCP Does not connect on NLB Unicast Server - WIZ Series - WIZnet Developer Forum

Follow: RSS Twitter. Open HP-Teaming-Configuration: 5. To use multicast mode in such an environment, you have to configure the MAC address tables of the network switches so that each port that connects to a hypervisor host uses a static entry to map to the NLB multicast MAC address. For example, consider an environment that contains eight hypervisor hosts.

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Each hypervisor host has two network adapters, and all of the adapters connect to a switch. This mode is basically the same as multicast mode, except that the switches can automatically build their MAC address tables in this mode.

These messages indicate the group membership of the NLB nodes. The switches use this information to configure the MAC address table. Some of the articles that are listed in the Multicast section include the correct configuration parameters for their devices for multicst with IGMP.

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Simple SOHO switches pass the frames to all switch ports in the same way that happens with the switch flooding you see with unicast mode, as you see in the figure below. More sophisticated switches can be configured to recognize the multicast group and limit multicast frame delivery to the ports that have members of that multicast group.

Frame: Time delta from previous physical frame: 0 microseconds. In this article we went over the concepts of NLB unicast and multicast modes. In general, multicast mode should provide better performance, gives you more options in terms of controlling frame delivery to switch ports, and seems to introduce fewer ISA Server related problems.

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Using NLB with ISA Server Part 2: Layer 2 Fun with Unicast and Multicast Modes

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