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It has simply been outstanding. Which is why I ordered a second keyboard a few days ago for my satellite office. I used Raser and Logitech mechanical keyboards before but they can't reach to Das keyboard even they are very solid product in quality. I love brown cherry keyboard but the touching keyboard from other products are not that smooth enough like Das keyboard. I bought another one after a week for my office.

This keyboard is worth every penny. The clicks on it feel solid and it feels very durable. I have two mechanical keyboards- this one and a Razer Blackwidow.

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Both are great keyboards, but this one just feels must better to use. This keyboard is a great value for someone looking for a high quality mechanical keyboard at a bargain price. Gray New Hampshire. I like the Blackwidow Ultimate better than the Chroma, very satisfying click!

I purchased this keyboard for use at work where we use Windows. My job requires fast accurate typing. I'm used to the feel and layout of Apple keyboards so I decided to purchase a keyboard for my office rather then bring in one of my Apple keyboards. This Macally keyboard is more like the current Apple keyboards. The keyboard I linked has this feature as well - the The backlighting options are very nice. You can adjust the brightness of them and have presets to switch to quickly if you need.

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You switch these presets via the "profiles". You can have up to 10 separate profiles one for each number key. Each of these profiles can hold data for the backlight brightness, macros, and multiple other features. The macro functionality of the keyboard is very useful, particularly while gaming. I have a specific profile for a certain game I play a lot. This profile has macros used to buy weapons quickly at the start of the round instead of manually going through the menus.

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There are 5 default macro buttons on the left side of the keyboard; however, you can bind practically ANY key to do something you want it to through I just got a new computer and I needed a keyboard and mouse for it so I got this. I like to play game on my computer because it helps pass the time when I have nothing to do and there is nothing to watch on tv. This is the coolest keyboard set I have ever had.

This comes with a nicely designed mouse pad, keyboard and mouse. The design at the top of this reminds me of the transformers symbol. I first tried this out on my laptop and it worked instantly. It lights up a cool light blue color.

Possibly The Best Keyboard for Mac Users - Azio MK Mac Mechanical Keyboard

All of the keys function and work properly. All gamers should have a Razer BlackWidow Elite mechanical keyboard. It has a cool design, excellent build quality, and a plethora of cool features, headlined by the gaming giant's own mechanical switches. They have precise linear tactility and quiet operation.

The keyboard's functionality and RGB lighting are fully customizable via Razer's Synapse software suite.

Dedicated multimedia keys are also among the key features of the Razer BlackWidow Elite. The keyboard earned a high review score from Tom's Guide for its design and performance. As its name suggests, this Azio mechanical keyboard will grab your attention with a beautiful retro design and the convenience of not having to deal with wires.

Compatible with PC and Mac, the Retro Classic keyboard has a wood surface and an aluminum frame with a decidedly premium finish. The accessory packs proprietary QX2 mechanical switches by SteelSeries, which are accurate and quiet in equal measure. Its features include customizable RGB lighting, the rather impressive ability to deliver in-game notifications, and an aluminum frame with top-notch durability.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The only aspect that stands out as not so polished is the Keychron having visible screws on the top of the device. It took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with a mechanical keyboard, but I found the Keychron K1 to be a solid performer.

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The pronounced click of mechanical keys does offer a satisfying tackle experience. I tested out the various light patterns 10 on the single LED version, 19 on the RBG models and found them to be novel to play around with, but preferred solid backlighting for day-to-day use.

Having dedicated Mac keys on a mechanical keyboard is really great to see. Additionally, the Keychron K1 features a dedicated Siri key in the top right corner. Another handy feature of the Keychron is the ability to pair to up to 3 devices simultaneously. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.